Non-Profits Join Forces to Assist Lower-Income Persons Affected by COVID-19

The Stone Foundation of New Jersey, HABcoreParker Family Health CenterLunch Break and Interfaith Neighbors are combining resources to provide emergency funds to those facing financial hardship due to the COVID-19 crisis.

The Stone Foundation of New Jersey and these four non-profits provide unique and critical assistance to the disadvantaged in Monmouth County; housing, healthcare, alleviating hunger and building self-sufficiency of county residents.

HABcore’s Steve Heisman, Executive Director said, “We’re seeing a steady stream of applications for a wide range of needs; rent, groceries, utilities.  Collaboration between the agencies is important because of the different needs and different populations being served, so communication is important.”

With virtually all businesses being shut down, lower-income families and their neighborhoods are among the hardest hit by the disease. 

These workers are typically employed in service industry jobs – warehouses, food and agriculture, transportation, hotel, sanitation, shipping and delivery, and have been exempted from most stay-at-home orders.

These are the unseen men and women that keep our grocery stores, pharmacies and (take-out) restaurants stocked and operating.

Now, they need your help in sheltering them from the storm.

“We are tremendously grateful to the Stone Foundation of New Jersey for supporting this effort.  If you or someone you know needs help with critical needs or emergency expenses as a result of COVID-19, please go to,” said Marta Quinn, Director of Development.

Each one of these non-profits help our local communities.  Please donate whatever you can; HABcoreParker Family Health CenterLunch Break and Interfaith Neighbors.

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