About Us

HABcore’s Mission Statement

HABcore, Inc. provides permanent and supportive housing for homeless veterans, families, and individuals with special needs. Currently we provide a safe home for approximately 260 people, including 47 families that were previously homeless. According to the 2017 Point in Time Count, there are 332 homeless households in Monmouth and Ocean counties including 179 children under the age of 18. For almost 30 years, HABcore has been on the front lines of this issue and has been expanding to meet the growing needs of the most vulnerable in our community.

Organization History:

In 1988, several Lunchbreak (a charitable organization dedicated to feeding the hungry in the greater Red Bank, NJ area) volunteers conducted a survey and found that a large percentage of the people they were feeding were living in substandard housing. These volunteers initiated a new organization whose purpose was to provide affordable housing in the same geographic area. Lunchbreak supported the new effort with a grant and loan, and in September 1988, HABcore, Inc. was incorporated. The “HAB” in HABcore was derived from the first initials of the last names of three homeless men who died in the streets of Red Bank during the 1980s.

When HABcore started in 1988, we had just one boarding home in Red Bank which housed five people.
In 1992, HABcore implemented an independent living apartment program which allowed us to meet the needs of individuals and families who are able to live alone.

We now have two boarding homes, and we have expanded across Monmouth and into Ocean County, growing from five to approximately 260 residents. These developments are among our more important accomplishments, as we remain committed to expansion, whenever prudent, to help meet the direct need for affordable, supportive housing.
Every resident in the HABcore program is encouraged to work, volunteer or attend a program to address their needs. The goal for all residents is that they have a safe place to call home where they can reach their highest potential.

Homelessness is an ongoing issue in our community. Every day HABcore staff, trustees and volunteers work to restore stability, dignity and hope to the less fortunate, hoping to one day break the cycle of homelessness for future generations.

HABcore’s success has been recognized by the Monmouth County Department of Community Development, New Jersey Department of Community Affairs, and Housing and Urban Development (HUD).


* It costs approximately $12,000 a year for room, board, and supportive services for a HABcore resident as opposed to costing up to $200,000 of taxpayers’ money annually for inclusion in the state hospital system.

* It is a fact that HABcore is preventing individuals from entering the costly hospital system, as 83% of our current residents were previously cared for in that system.

* According to our 2016 audit, 92.4 cents of every dollar goes directly to program expenses.

The boarding homes receive no government funding and are supported strictly through individual donations and special events. We could help so many more in need and save the taxpayers thousands of dollars if we had more financial support.