Facts & Figures

HABcore believes in specific, measurable outcomes. It is a priority for HABcore to ensure we are making an impact in our residents’ lives by providing supportive services through our team of licensed social workers to all those who are housed in our apartments. Our residents can achieve success when resources are made available through these supportive services.

       94% of all residents remained in permanent housing for more than 1 year; 81% for 3 years; 69% for 5 years.

       80% of our departing boarding home residents over the last ten years have gone on to live in a more independent setting or family reunification. 

       99% of participating adults maintained or increased their total income. 


It costs approximately $12,000 a year for room, board, and supportive services for a HABcore resident as opposed to costing up to $200,000 of taxpayers’ money annually for inclusion in the state hospital system.

It is a fact that HABcore is preventing individuals from entering the costly hospital system, as 83% of our current residents were previously cared for in that system.

According to our latest audit, 93 cents of every dollar goes directly to program expenses.

The boarding homes receive no government funding and are supported strictly through individual donations and special events. We could help so many more in need and save the taxpayers thousands of dollars if we had more financial support.

chart showing families and children in the program
chart showing HABcore's service to the community
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