Charles R.

Charles R. would entertain with jokes, singing and his sparkling personality - yet annoy with incessant chatter and monopolizing the television.

We noticed that Charles was always trying to do something constructive, but would often lose focus. He attended Brookdale Community College for a short-lived stint. He attended the Foodbank of Monmouth and Ocean County's Culinary Kitchen Class but was asked to finish his studies at home so the rest of the class could concentrate. He also held SEVERAL short-term jobs that would disappear almost as quickly as they would appear.

With HABcore's staff buzzing in his ear, Charles began to work on his issues. His employment record began to improve. He started to serve as a volunteer firefighter in Red Bank. After his 11th month at HABcore and much marked improvement, Charles announced to us that he would be leaving soon; he passed all the necessary tests and had been accepted into the United States Navy.

Two months later, Charles left for the Midwest for basic training. He kept in touch with us through letters and phone calls. After terms in St. Louis and Chicago, Charles was stationed in the state of Washington for advanced training in air traffic control and assigned to the USS Abraham Lincoln. After graduating with high marks, Charles looked forward to being stationed in sunny Florida. However, his company was shipped off to Iraq to help our armed forces in the conflict there.

Even now, there seems to be a small hole where we miss his laughter and banter; but as Charles continues to send us letters of his progress, we have a swelling sense of pride.