Class C Boarding Homes

Our Boarding Home Program serves 51 residents located in Red Bank and Asbury Park. The boarding homes serve three meals per day and have 24-hour staff coverage to provide an individual level of support for each resident. The primary goal of HABcore’s homes is to help our residents reach independent living when appropriate. In order to be eligible for the Boarding Home Program, applicants must be single adults, ages 18 and older.

HABcore achieves a family-like atmosphere through shared tasks, communal dining, a resident’s council and a structured community household. Residential Managers provide case management services to those who need those services, providing training in daily living skills, budgeting, job search skills, and setting up transportation and medication. Residents are expected to participate in activities such as volunteering, a job, a rehabilitation program, and/or enrollment in school.

Given the special needs of the population we serve, this description barely scratches the surface in describing the support that the Residential Managers and their staff provide every day. The Residential staff are extremely dedicated, knowledgeable, and compassionate individuals who ensure the highest level of care for our residents.