Jasmine and her family

Najier, 12 months. Youngest of three siblings. The baby brother!

Najea, 4 years. I love to color and draw. Pink is my favorite color. Mickey and Minnie Mouse are my favorite characters.

Ljanay, 8 years, I love to design dresses. I love to read. Mom says I'm a bookworm. I also like to make my "Famous Homemade Pasta" and hope to work in a restaurant one day. My favorite class in school is Art.

Jasmine, I am a single mother of three (under the age of eight). I have a fulltime job as a nurse's aide. I plan on going back to school to be a nurse.

"Life changes in a moment. I was in a difficult place and living in my car, struggling to make ends meet and my children were living with my Mom in North Carolina. It was a miracle that I got the call from Katie, and she said there was housing available.
Truly, if it wasn't for HABCORE, my babies still wouldn't be with me. It is because of this program that we are all together under one roof, and that is what I am thankful for the most. I cannot thank y'all enough. "

By the grace of God and HABCORE, for the past five years I have been working as a fulltime nurse's aide and my children are attending Elementary School and Preschool. They are all healthy and happy. My struggles have made me stronger, and have lifted me to dream for my family's future.

I am proud of what I have accomplished, and know my kids can be whatever they want to be because of HABCORE, the support they have given me, and the kindness others have shared.