Jason S.

For Jason's first semester, the HABcore staff focused on his interest in English and Music and helped set up his program. At first, Jason experienced some difficulties with school and the program. Once again, the HABcore staff assisted and encouraged Jason to go to a CPC program for medical and psychological support. Jason grew stronger with the help of these supportive services.

His second semester at Brookdale started on a high note, but Jason took on a fairly heavy course load. As the semester progressed, he became frustrated and his work began to suffer. Jason had obtained financial aid on his own but was in danger of losing it because of poor grades. Fortunately, he again sought the advice of the HABcore staff. He was put in touch with the HABcore trustee affiliated with Brookdale's Student Disability Services. Jason opened up to the school staff and declared his disability, and the school re-instated Jason's financial aid and got him back on track. Jason now understands his limits and realizes that despite his disability, he can succeed by seeking assistance when required.

In June, 2006 Jason won a $1,000 scholarship from The Eastern Monmouth Area Chamber of Commerce Education Foundation.

Jason still resides at the Coffey Residence. He was recently voted into a Residential Representative position by his fellow residents. In this role, he serves as a resident advocate at a meeting with Coffey Residence management every other week.