Jon P.

Before coming to The Coffey Residence in January 2003, Jon P was living and sleeping on an open porch in the bitter cold. Jon had a job that paid minimum wage, but he was separated from his family. He was a quiet, gentle young man but unable to take control of his life.

During his time at Coffey, he grew stronger and healthier and began to focus on his future. He left his low-paying job for one that paid a better wage and started to attend Brookdale Community College. School was difficult for Jon and he could not maintain his grades. With encouragement from the Coffey staff, he began to explore other opportunities.

Jon checked out the various branches of the Armed Forces and, at first, thought about enlisting in the USMC. After discussing with the HABcore staff both the offer from the Marines and other opportunities from different branches, Jon decided to join the US Army and focus on electronic communications.

After 450 days at Coffey, Jon left HABcore in March 2004 for basic training. Since then, he has successfully completed that training and gone on to Advanced Individual Training. Jon graduated from AIT in October as an Electronics Communications Repair Specialist. He is now stationed in Iraq.

Jon keeps in touch with the Coffey staff and recently sent this message:
"I want to thank the staff for their support and generosity. Everybody there has been like a family and will be missed. Thank you."