How will your gift be used?

Approximately 93 cents out of every dollar you give goes directly to support the homeless in Monmouth and Ocean counties.

At HABcore, we know how important it is to make every dollar given to us go as far as possible. And we know that you probably wonder how much it costs to provide homeless individuals and families with the necessities of life. Here's part of that story.

graphic showing how much basic necessities cost

$60 feeds a Boarding Home resident for 1 month

HABcore’s boarding homes provide a safe family-like atmosphere for 51 individuals with special needs. Our residents receive three nutritious meals a day and supportive services. Our residents pay rent based on what they can afford and the remainder of our program funding comes strictly from donations. Our boarding home programs receive no government funding.

$150 pays the utility bills for a family for 1 month

The high cost of utilities is one of the greatest stressors on families on the brink of homelessness. As they are unable to make payments, vital services are discontinued and their living situation becomes untenable. In HABcore's apartments, we share this burden with our families, giving them the ability to live successful, independent, and secure lives.

$250 pays for supportive services for a family for 1 month

Supportive services are the foundation of our program and a large part of our residents’ success. These services give our residents the ability to succeed and live to their fullest potential. Last year, 98% of HABcore residents maintained or increased their income. Your gift will ensure HABcore has the capacity to continue to provide these important services that give all of our residents hope for a bright future.

$600 subsidizes a resident at one of our boarding houses for 1 month

Our Boarding Houses provide a safe, nurturing environment for single adults, and especially for those with special needs. HABcore achieves a family-like atmosphere through shared tasks, communal dining, a resident’s council and a structured community household. Residential Managers are on site 24 hours a day, providing case management services to those who need those services, providing training in daily living skills, budgeting, job search skills, and setting up transportation and medication. 

$1000 underwrites the operating and maintenance expenses for a HABcore apartment for 1 month

HABcore properties require constant maintenance and repair. Donations make it possible to make the necessary repairs and energy efficient updates to reduce our expenses and maintain a safe environment for the people who live there.

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