Join HABcore’s Corporate and Community Partnership Program

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Share The Vision: Make an impact in your community

The best corporate-nonprofit partnerships focus on building long-term relationships to achieve real impact, aligned with the company’s business goals and the nonprofit’s mission. Ultimately, the goal for both partners is to serve the community.

As a respected business leader, you are aware of the importance of giving back to your community. At HABCORE we believe that the foundation of philanthropy and involvement of civic minded business leaders is essential. As a nonprofit, HABCORE relies on strong minded professional collaborative partnerships and the generosity of our community leaders to expand our reach and continue our efforts to put an end to the cycle of homelessness and serve the increasing needs of Monmouth and Ocean counties.

As a Partner, your commitment will directly impact your local communities. You will be providing support for the growing number of homeless children, families, veterans and individuals with special needs to improve their lives and homes in Monmouth and Ocean counties.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a corporation’s initiatives to make an effort to improve society.

We invite you to help make a difference in your local community and support our mission as a valued and impactful partner. As a partner you will be making a sound investment in your community and will help deserving veterans, families and individuals get a fresh start and reach their full potential for years to come.

What are the benefits?

Engaging in a partnership is an investment for both the nonprofit and the corporation. Marketing the benefits for both the organization and the corporation can establish a symbiotic relationship that has a lasting impact on both sides.

Today’s employees and consumers are more socially conscious than ever before. According to previous participants in HABCORE’s program, (T&M Associates, Raymour & Flanigan, Siemens) an engaged employee is significantly more productive than one who is disengaged.

As a partner, your company will benefit from:

  • Brand Visibility: Business t-shirts & swag, banners, signage, newsletters, print and web ads, tweets, Facebook posts, press releases, invitations, landing pages and email campaigns.
  • Social Media: When companies value their reputation and brand by aligning themselves with a nonprofit, this partnership provides significant content for social media and brand building.
  • Improved Public Image: Today’s consumers prioritize companies that demonstrate their commitment to social causes and are perceived as more philanthropic.
  • Boost Employee Engagement: When companies’ core values show they are dedicated to improving their communities through corporate giving programs, they are more likely to attract and retain valuable, hardworking, and engaged employees. Employee engagement and improved satisfaction lowers turnover.
  • Attract and Retain Investors Through Reputation Management: When companies donate money to nonprofit organizations and encourage their employees to volunteer their time, they demonstrate to investors that they care about more than just profits.

Why HABcore?

Engaging in a partnership is an investment for both the nonprofit and the corporation and goes beyond a team of volunteers showing up for a few hours in matching T-shirts. By considering what makes a good partner and marketing the benefits for both the nonprofit and the corporation, a symbiotic relationship can be established that has a lasting impact for both entities.

Corporate partnerships can bring so much more to a nonprofit besides funding, including volunteer hours, probono services, in-kind gifts, potential individual donors, board members and honorees, outreach, and awareness building.

  • 30 years of successful and exceptional service to the community
  • Provides a necessary service to the community and humanity
  • Consistently expanding programs and services to meet the need
  • Local organization–led by locals and serving locals
  • Engaged Board of Trustees
  • Energetic, dynamic and productive staff and volunteers

Our Goals

  • Reduce homelessness in Monmouth and Ocean counties
  • Increase support for local veterans
  • Collaborate with County and Local Officials
  • Increase affordable housing

“The impact of volunteers is immeasurable. Not only can it help alleviate a strained budget, it gives our residents a sense of community and lets them know there are others who care.”  – Steve Heisman, Executive Director